About us

Through years of designing and developing the perfect balance between style and guest comfort, the main feature in our decision making has always been to maximise luxury and ease. We at Green Tree all feel the apartments are the highpoint of our expertise combining all the skills and knowledge we have gained. Each apartment has been thought-out and fashioned by an enthusiastic and knowledgeable creative team to ensure the most unforgettable of breaks in London. The apartments are typical of London’s quirky style, and paired with the proximity to Shoreditch, the Barbican and London’s vibrant east end, these apartments make the perfect city getaway for a memorable stay in London. Our apartments have been designed and developed by the Artist lead initiative 'Feltrooms' to produce hybrid instillations which double as dwelling space. This has been achieved by providing a platform for exhibitions and sales for emerging London artists while also providing well managed and comfortable place to stay. If you would like to know more information or to enquire about Group bookings please click the contact us button at the top of the page.

Previous exhibitions

June 2011 saw the Double summer show at Glasshouse Yard. 'Summer in the park with Darb' , curated by Mark Darbyshire, featured selected works largely from his private collection while ‘Residency’, featured documentary works from emerging Artist and photographer Sarah Davies.

December 2010The Mare Street Biennale. Emerging as the anti-Biennale that London currently appears to need, the show 'Unfeasibility Study' was a wide ranging micro-survey of current art practice in London within the wider context of conformity/rule-breaking. The exhibition included work by 14 selected artists, among them Sam Keogh, Mimi Norrgren, Roger Kelly and Nadine Feinson.

October 2008 was host to the inaugural Mare Street Biennale. Focusing on exploring urban myths and the bittersweet success of inner city regeneration through the gritty and sublime. Exhibition featured the artists Alexandra Flood, Jonathan Goslan, LE GUN, David Lindberg, Theresia Lynch, Bob & Roberta Smith